Our philosophy at Outset Care is informed by psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural theories. With pastoral mentoring, encouragement and exposure to continuous examples of appropriate behaviour, young people can learn how to develop strategies to better manage issues in life. Young people have an individualised support plan set out by their key worker and social worker. Young people have the opportunity to modify their behaviour and engage in positive learning activities. All our programmes are designed to empower young people in areas where they can benefit from an increase in skill and/or personal resources.
Outset Care encourages young people to see themselves in a positive light so that they are able to cope with life’s challenges, and engage in behaviours geared towards making positive change. Outset Care is committed to working with young people who have been looked after, and now require support to acquire skills to live independently and be empowered members of society.



Outset care services are a dynamic specialist care provider that offers semi independent and supported living options for young people. Our main aim is to assist young people in gaining the lifelong skill sets they will need to in order to live a succesful adult life. We hope that teaching them these skills will empower and give them more confidence in their own ability; allowing them to achieve their full potential, even after their time with Outset Care Services is complete.


The staff group includes experienced professional who have worked within Social Care, Fostering and Adoption, Nursery's and Advocacy Services as well as other Semi and Supported Housing Services for pregnant teenagers, homeless, single and accompanied minors.

The team is committed to ensuring that all service users are treated fairly with empathy, dignity and respect at all times. Together we will continue to provide high standard accommodation and structured support services that builds and skills young people in order for them to make a successful transition to independent living, improving their life chances.



Semi independent living

At Outset Care Services we work with 16-21 year olds providing them with support and teaching  them the important life skills that will extend beyond their time with us.  Generally, semi independent provisions are for young people who have made significant progress within fostering/residential homes or it is a suitable alternative to custodial sentences for some young people.

Our staff have a long history of working with young people and effectively transitioning them into independent living. We have both semi independent units as well as units which are staffed 24 hours a day. There is CCTV within each property in order to ensure the safety of residence.

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A majority of our placements are received from Local Authorities. Should you wish to make a referral please                      to download the referral form.



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